How to decorate and stage

The FAB System

Creating your own beautiful room just got easier. 


One of the major problems that non-professionals make is approaching the decorating process without a plan.  A trip to Home Goods results in a new lamp and a few accessories.  The next time,  a new piece of art follows you home. The result is often a room that simply looks like you shop often…but not a well-pulled together space. One piece of art won’t transform a room if you don’t create cohesion.

Begin the process, by finding your focus.  Is it one part of the room, finding your style, the entire room, lighting, or color, etc.  Learn all you can about the focus problem, then build from there, always keeping in mind the big picture.  In our FAB approach to FAB-ulous rooms, learn the steps, follow the process, and enjoy your beautiful room. 



Focus time has helped you determine your style, your challenges, needs and wants.  Now let’s get down to action.  In this module, you will learn how to build a budget, find resources, gather people to help you, (might be a significant other or your children) and create a beautiful room. 

The Action process includes:

Focus Time
Build from the floor up
Treat the Walls (paint, wallcovering, etc)
Arrange the Furniture
Add Lighting and Tall Botanicals
Hang Art 
Add Accessories

    BE YOU

    Whether you are working with a professional or doing your makeover yourself, this is all about YOU!  When I first began decorating professionally 45 years ago, it was a very pure process.  Matching lamps and woods, symmetrical art on the wall, same style in every room.  it was so easy…but very stifling.

    Today, you can blend Modern Farmhouse with French Country or even Mid-century Modern…as long as you find other commonalities.  You can mix and match with the things you love and have accumulated over the years.  Sure, there are certain elements that are better with one another but bottom line, if you love it…you can make it work.