Creating beautiful rooms is an art and a science.  If you are decorating your own room, you can be overwhelmed with the possibilities.  If you are decorating for a client, it is easy to get so involved with the aesthetics that you forget to address the function needed.  Let’s begin with my Top 3 tips.

  1.  Know the client.  If you are a professional, then the client isn’t you and don’t get caught up in thinking your style is the be all to end all.  Take the time to get to know your client’s needs, wants and wishes.  I developed the Confident Consultation for exactly that reason to know how to gather information.
  2. Don’t be a cookie-cutter Decorator.  Have you been in business for a while?  Do you take the time to review your after photos?  Do you have a Tell?  A tell is that little thing unique to you that you bring to the table.  A Tell has lost many a poker player money. A tell will be the thing that tells the world you did the job. Your tell could be ship lap or painted ceilings…anything you repeat often enough it loses its special quality.
  3. Stay ahead of the trends. Don’t deliver the trend du jour…be better than that.  Read industry magazines, attend To the Trade only markets, and subscribe to shelter magazines and catalogs that may not appeal to your own style. Get creative in the way you blend existing elements with new decor, fabrics, and color.

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