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This is the place for a variety of practical classes to build your design, staging, and business confidence. Classes vary in complexity and length with most offered online in an on-demand format.  Learn at your leisure. Our classes are offered at a variety of levels including Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced, Master and Just for Fun formats.  Prices range from complimentary to fee-based.   New classes added often.


It all begins with color…get that wrong and you are in trouble.  Learn how to create color palettes that complete not compete and select paint colors like a genius.

Check out our various color seminars and also our Certified Confident Color System Class.



Decorating a room takes more than talent.  Understanding design fundamentals, the power of placement, and the art of accessorizing will take your rooms to a new level.

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If you are serious about getting a house sold…it needs to be staged. Staging is the ultimate marketing tool and not reserved for the luxury home. Bottom line, studies show staged homes sell more quickly for higher dollars.

From continuing ed to certification classes, we can help.







Need a laugh? Learning how to decorate and stage comes with trials and tribulations.  This is the place for stories about decorating disasters that we lived to talk about.

We’re ready when you are! Your beautiful room is right around the corner. Start learning how…now!
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