Home Staging was once reserved for the luxury or high-end home…but those days are gone.  Today’s buyer expects to see a house looking and smelling its best.  Real estate magnate and Shark Tank favorite, Barbara Corcoran, says it best. I teach all around the country and everywhere I see the demand for staging on the rise.  If you are considering starting your own business or adding staging to your list of services, it is a great way to go.

My top 3 tips for starting a staging business are:

  1.  Realtors are not your only market.  Face it, they hear from people like you all the time.  All you need are a few active agents to jump start your business and then also work the FSBO market. For Sale by Owner (FSBO)  is a large market of people trying to maximize their profits by avoiding agent fees…but they desperately need the advice of someone like you.
  2. Position yourself as an Expert. Offer free presentations either in conjunction with a local agent or geared to the DIY FSBO market. Building credibility through presentations, social media and blogging can help potential clients believe in your value.
  3. Staging is not a one size fits all package.  Each price range and location will have different expectations. Spend time exploring comps so you know how high or low the bar should go based on location, price point and target market.