Okay, you built a website, set up your FB and IG accounts, maybe even built a call to action to gather emails…now what? If you are like most, you will be complaining soon that no one is calling or they say you are too expensive.  Of course, they are…what have you done to validate your worthiness?  Potential clients must Know, Like, and Trust you before they will lay down their money.  This is where a marketing strategy comes into play.  Part of that marketing strategy should include sharing content that elevates the perception of you as an expert. Educate and empower others by sharing tips, tricks, inspiration, and even more in-depth education.  Want to know more, check out my video where I discuss how presentations, social media, and the amount of money you can charge go hand in hand.

Marketing a business begins with a plan…don’t fly by the seat of your pants. Take the time and create a content calendar that includes social media and real time presentations. Don’t wait until the day before to write your content but set aside a time to have all your marketing content ready to go.  Check out the sample calendar to get inspired for your own.