Doing what you love is easy, growing a business is difficult.  But if you want to be in business for many years, then you need to pay as much attention to business and marketing as the part you love.  Here are my 3 tips to take your business from zero to hero in no time.

  1. Treat your business like a job.  Most of you will begin working from home. This can be fabulous in many ways but it is also easy to be distracted. Set up your schedule, find a dedicated place in your home for an office space, (size doesn’t matter) and don’t get distracted by the laundry or other things that call your name. In the beginning, you will invest a great deal of “non-billable” hours as you work on your website, business plan, resource, and vendor list.
  2. Be realistic about profits.  Most businesses will take 12-18 months before you really start making money. Don’t get discouraged and give up.  You need to build credibility and create a demand.  This is going to be hard work but look at me…40+ years later and I am still in business.  Decorating, color, and staging are services you can offer for many years.
  3. Create a Marketing Plan and work it- I hope you realize how lucky you are to have all these great marketing opportunities at your fingertips…for free. I have spent hundreds of thousands over the years on advertising and you don’t have to do that.  Create a marketing plan that is comprehensive and easy to work.  A mix of online presence combined with FaceTime (i don’t mean Facebook’s version) to meet potential clients and help them get to know who you are and why they can’t live without you. If you need help creating a Kick Butt Marketing Plan, we can do that for you.