I think our strength at How to Decorate and Stage brings to the table, is our ability to create easy to follow systems. For example, when I began teaching Interior Redesign 20 years ago, I spent a year analyzing spaces until I saw patterns emerge that resulted in a perfect room every time. Now let me show you our great Bookshelf Styling System-easy as V, X, Z.

1. First of all, determine the purpose of the shelves. Do they serve as a home library to showcase purely books, or is it a decorative and functional space composed of books and decorative elements. For our purpose, let’s talk about the latter. To start the process, just like redesigning a room, empty the shelves to work with a clean canvas. As you do so, sort so all the books are together, photos together, accessories together, etc.

2. Easy as A-B-C…well actually V-X-Z. Determine your anchor piece or pieces by placing largest items first. Create a V, X, or Z, either upright or inverted, with your anchor pieces and build from there. Your core anchor piece should be placed in the power zone area at about 54” from floor to center. The eye will be drawn here first.

Adjust shelf heights so you create an interesting composition. Create further interest by wallpapering or painting the back of your bookcase.  If you are unsure of something that permanent, cut foam core boards to size, then wrap or paint,  and pop in to create an interesting background. Make the foam core multi-purpose by making each side a different color or fabric to change with the seasons.


Watch for Part 2 for more ideas and insight.