Hi, I’m JoAnne Lenart-Weary, a 40+ year veteran of the decorating and staging industry. Yep, that means I am probably older than you…but it also means I know my stuff. I began with a wallpapering and painting business plus a Real Estate License…simply because I LOVED HOUSES.  I was a sloppy painter but my clients loved my design ideas. This early experience led to my career as a Interior Decorator, One Day Decorator, and Home Stager.  Over the years, I have won many awards, had appearances on HGTV, ABC, CBS and other regional programs. I am a frequent contributing author, speak at many industry events, and still love what I do. JoAnne Lenart-Weary

To grow my business, I also offered consumer seminars to help others gain decorating confidence.  Those classes took a new turn when I began getting requests from others who wanted to start their own decorating and staging business. In 1999, I founded The Decorating and Staging Academy, which has taught thousands how to build their design and staging skills as well as grow successful businesses with professional level training.  In 2014, I passed the baton to the talented Sandra Racz, but still play an active role in  curriculum development. I write curriculum for training programs around the country and continue to teach others.  

I developed How to Decorate & Stage to broaden the scope of my training programs, by offering classes for both the DIY and Professional Decorator.  After all, every decorator and stager in the world began decorating their own home. My job is to help you expand your decorating and staging confidence. We offer a variety of classes, with something for everyone.  Want a peek at the personal side of me, here are 10 fun things most don’t know about me. 

1. I used to teach belly dancing.
2. I once painted a toliet red, including the seat. After a visit to the bathroom, Husband #1 ended up wearing the paint until it wore off his posterior. It seemed the paint bonded better to skin than it did to the toliet seat. Even paint thinner couldn’t remove it. 
3. I wallpapered a bathroom with 5 rolls of JoAnne Lenart-Wearyaluminum foil and spray glue. (It was my formative period and the 70’s) 
4. I’m a Grandmother of 15, ages 2-23.
5. RESA named me one of the Most Influential People in Staging in 2018 and IAHSP named me Best in Industry Leadership. I have recently been honored with nominations again for 2019. 
6. My very first speaking engagement consisted of 5 minutes of sharing and 15 minutes of giggling nervously.  I tell you this so you understand…standing in front of a crowd can be intimidating for everyone. I promise you can get in front of a group to help grow your business. I used to be nervous also. That first group forgave my nerves and invited me back to share again.
7. My family nickname is Dodie, if someone calls me that, they are either family or have been in my life a very long time.
8.  I am known for my home made Pierogi.
9. I hate politics but love history. 
10. I am funny…sit next to me if you like to laugh.

Bonus: I love knocking out a wall!

If you are here because you want to turn your talent into a business…the first thing you need to realize is it takes more than talent.  Not only can I rock a room, I am a Certified Guerilla Marketing Coach.  I can help you turn your talent into a career with training and mentoring. Schedule a free discovery call by emailing me at joanne@thejlwcompany.com with
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