Hi, I am JoAnne Lenart-Weary and I LOVE Decorating. I have been a professional Decorator and Stager for over 40 years.  I began as a paint and wallpaper contractor, and soon my clients were requesting design advice. In addition, I earned my Realtor designation, which led to what later would become known as staging.  I was always learning on the job and in my own house. I have appeared on HGTV, ABC, many regional channels around the country, been published in numerous magazines, and won many awards.

In addition to my growing design and staging business, I have taught classes from the beginning as part of my marketing strategy. This led to the founding of (what is now) The Decorating & Staging Academy in 1999. It was created to help others turn their love for decorating into a business.  In time, I built a talented training team who taught around the country.  In 2014, I stepped away but continue to work side by side with Sandra Racz, the Executive Director. 

My goal with How to Decorate & Stage is to arm the DIY Decorator with the confidence to create their own fabulous space, whether they are doing it alone or with the help of a professional.  And in today’s world, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share how to get a property ready to sell by sharing staging guidelines you can implement yourself.

Here are 5 things most don’t know about me.

1. I used to teach belly dancing.

2. I’m a Grandma of 15 from 4-25.

3. In my formative years, I painted a toilet bright red to match a tub.  The paint bonded better to Husband #1’s skin than it did to the toliet seat.  He didn’t see the humor as much as I.

4. I am known for my homemade Pierogi.

5. I am funny…sit next to me if you like to laugh.

Bonus: I love knocking out walls and in fact, did it at an Easter Dinner one year.

So glad you are here!



Hi, I’m Sandra Racz, an award-winning veteran of the design and staging industry. In 2014, I became the Executive Director of The Decorating and Staging Academy, (The-DSA) which was founded in 1999 by JoAnne Lenart-Weary.  I was already (and continue to be) a Master Professional Trainer, offering certification workshops in Interior Redesign, Home Staging, Confident Color System, Luxe Staging, Seasonal Decorating and more. 

I am also the owner of Signature Redesign and love to help homeowners and business owners create beautiful spaces. Whether decorating your space with new furnishings or redesigning with the existing furnishings, Signature Redesign respects your lifestyle and budget.

Like JoAnne, I am a frequent presenter at national conferences, featured in local newspapers and offer decorating workshops for fun and education. I support local charities by teaching workshops for Habitat for Humanity classes and the American Cancer Society, The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Autism Speaks, The Peace House and People’s Health Clinic to name a few.

Here are 5 things don’t know about me. 

1. I began in the marketing industry which still holds me in good stead with my business.

2. I am blessed to be a Grandmother of 2 little ones under 3. 

3. I love trying creative ideas. 

4. No one can move and set up up a home more efficiently than I, due to my many moves around the country. 

5. I share my time between Arizona and Utah. 


I look forward to helping you create your own beautiful home.