Color is fabulous…and terrifying! It is the foundation of every great space and also, the easiest place to make mistakes. Whether you are selecting a color for a client or your own home, you need to establish the parameters. Here is our quick 3 point approach to color selection.
1. Understand the job description of the color.
Are you trying to make the room look larger, smaller, cozy or sophisticated?  Do you want the colors to advance or recede? Are you selling or staying in the house…you need to establish the color’s job before you can create the perfect palette. Your color choices will change contingent on its purpose.

2. Know where you or your client prefers their color.
Do they like to be surrounded by it or prefer pops of color?  Do they prefer contrast or blending?  Do they like it in the Function, Power or Skyline Zone? Color is like hot fudge sauce on a sundae…do you want a lot or a little?

3. Establish Saturation not Hue Preference.
Hue doesn’t matter, it is the version of a hue your client prefers that will help you move forward.  In other words, to say blue is my favorite color creates confusion.  But if your client says I love a grayed, soft blue, it will help you better visualize the blue she prefers and the other colors you can mix and match.  That is why we created the Confident Color Profile test to help you in 3 minutes understand your client’s color preference.

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