Are you a Do It Yourselfer who loves to decorate your home? We turn the unsure DIY Decorator into the stand back, “I Got This” Decorator. Take your spaces from drab to fab…with our fun and informative classes. Ready, Set, Decorate!  


Welcome, we are color, decorating, and staging experts, JoAnne Lenart-Weary and Sandra Racz. Collectively, we have over 60 years of experience creating fabulous spaces as well as teaching  thousands how to turn their talents into a business. 

Now, we want to help you, the DIY Decorator gain the confidence to take your spaces from Drab to Fab. From our complimentary 3 Minute Lessons to our unique FAB System classes, get ready to be inspired, learn, while having fun!  Get Ready, Set, Decorate! 

“I love Decorating but even more, I love how confident I am now that I took the “Fab System to Decorating” class.  My family room is fabulous.  Can’t wait to do my Bedroom.”

Mary Chrispen

Dallas, TX

“I have taken classes from JoAnne and Sandra for many years…and still love learning from them.  They are funny and informative.  Can’t wait to check out The FAB System.” 

Elaine Nemecheck

Buffalo, NY