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Hi, I’m JoAnne Lenart-Weary, an interior decorating, color, and home staging expert. I’m here to teach you how to create beautiful rooms. I can also help you build a successful design and/or home staging business. Whether you are an interior designer, decorator, redesigner, home stager, edesigner, or aspiring to become one…you are in the right place. Our classes run the gamut of in depth core classes to ongoing personal and professional development.

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What is How to Decorate & Stage?  Your go-to place for learning everything you need/want to know about interior decorating, home staging, color and more. Courses range from DIY to Certification classes…and everything in between. We have both free and for a fee classes.  Coming soon are Bookcase and Coffee Table Styling, Fabric and Pattern Mixing, and Establishing your Decorating DNA.  Watch for new classes often. Try one of our free classes below or jump right into one of our Foundation courses.  

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So blessed to have studied with you, JoAnne! Your Confident Color System class was a game-changer for me!
Thank you!

Donna Henderson-Michigan

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We often tend to “decorate or design” simply by buying new things.  The end result is often a room filled with stuff yet it feels disjointed. The reality is you need a good foundation, an understanding of solid design principles and a systematic approach to the process.  That is exactly what this course will provide. Whether you are a DIY or Professional, start with our foundation course. Learn at your convenience from the comfort of your own home. The end result will be a systematic approach to consistently well-designed spaces.  Seven pre-recorded Modules include:

  1. Discover your Decorating DNA
  2. Six Steps to Color Success
  3. Zoning in on Design Foundations
  4. Space Planning and Furniture Shoppingasdf
  5. Fabrics, Finishes, and Fabulous
  6. Art of Accessorizing
  7. Inspiration and Creativity

Create beautiful rooms with confidence for your clients or yourself. Enjoy our cheatsheets and forms to add another level of professionalism to your approach.  


Staging is the art and science of preparing a house for sale and part of every smart house marketing strategy.  Studies show a Staged home typically sells more quickly and at a higher dollar amount.  Join us for a look at staging and how to improve the perceived value of the property in this On Demand course. The 7 pre-recorded Modules include:

  1. Staging Statistics that Matter
  2. Eliminating Emotional Staging Decisions
  3. Walk and Talk toward a Sale
  4. Color, Clutter, and Cachet Challenge
  5. What Stays and What Goes
  6. Decorating to Sell
  7. Value Validators and the Power of Comparison

Learn how to stage houses to minimize days on market and maximize return on investment. Enjoy added cheatsheets and forms that will add a layer of professionalism to the process.



Doing what you love is easy, growing a business is difficult.  But if you want to be in business for many years, then you need to pay as much attention to business and marketing as the part you love.  Here are my 3 tips to take your business from zero to hero in no...


Five Color Tricks Everyone Should Know By JoAnne Lenart-Weary-Color Expert Color is the building block of any beautiful room and can make or break a space. The furniture can be fabulous, but if it is in a color story you don’t like, it will never make you happy.  The...