Is your idea of the perfect day rearranging a room or transforming a found object?

Do you love to Decorate? If you are one of those people who gather paint samples like candy because you love color, always have a project at the ready, rearrange furniture at a drop of a hat and explore Pinterest endlessly...then you are at the right place. You may just do it for fun, are considering starting a business or already have a business...How to Decorate and Stage was created to help you

  • gain knowledge
  • find inspiration
  • increase your confidence

when decorating your home. We are here to help you

  • learn how to decorate
  • choose colors
  • select perfect window treatments
  • stage your house and anything else you might need. 

Hi, I'm JoAnne Lenart-Weary and this is my brainchild. For the past 40+ years, I have built a career creating beautiful homes and teaching others how to do the same.  My professional classes in Staging, Decorating and Color are taught around the country. I have appeared on HGTV, ABC-TV and written for just about every professional magazine out there.  I want to share my expertise with you. Not fluffy stuff but real practical tips, tricks, hacks and systems used by the professionals to help you create the home you always wanted...on your budget. Our live and online education is geared to everything home related, with new content and classes from a variety of talented experts added often. 

No matter how talented you are, there may be times you heed the wisdom, talent and experience of a professional. No, not one of those "full-of-themselves" people, but down to earth talented Decorators, Designers, and Stagers with lots of experience. They can pat you on the back and validate you are on the right track, provide you with easy tips, find resources only available to the trade or help you with a job from bottom to top. If you need help, let us know and we can refer you to someone. 

Whether you want to

  • do it all yourself
  • have a live consultation with someone in your area
  • take advantage of an E-Decorating consultation
  • or hire someone to help  you with every detail

How to Decorate and Stage is here for you. Get started by reading an Ebook, join our Facebook Group, explore our blog, take advantage of both our free and for a fee training, and so much more.